How Acupuncture Affected My Addiction Recovery

How Acupuncture Affected My Addiction Recovery

In my many dark years of attempting to overcome a crack cocaine addiction, first through quick fix’s and eventually through long term in-house Christian drug treatment, I have discovered many different techniques aimed at helping people overcome their addictions.  Some of the techniques were quite effective and others not so much.

To be fair, the idea of a treatment being effective is highly related to either the desperation of the treatment seeker or by their heartfelt motivation.  In my case there was mostly an earnestness to stop using, though at times even the idea of getting treatment seemed as futile as trying to stay dry in a hurricane with an umbrella.  Never the less, in this brief article, I will explore two of what many consider alternative forms of treatment that were in their context quite effective for me at the time.

Alternative Treatment One: Acupuncture

I admit that the idea of having some stranger poke me with needles, no matter how carefully placed and for what ever intention, did not seem like fun to me.  Nor did I see how such a thing could possibly make a difference in my fight to stay off hard drugs and alcohol.  But just like drugs make you do crazy things, chasing recovery also does.

So the first needles that the little asian doctor from China put into me were surprisingly painful. Learn about the history of drug addiction treatment and  addiction treatment via accupuncture here,  ”I thought this wasn’t supposed to hurt” I remember muttering under my breath.  If she’d heard me, she did not let on and instead only continued strategically and methodically poking me with needles.

The placement of the needles, I was to learn, was only the beginning though. Next came the electricity.  In a series of pulses that varied in amplitude and intensity, a sensation much like a throbbing commenced in all of the needles in certain areas.  She set the strength of the electricity to go right to threshold of pain, and then eased it back slightly.

I was very aware at that moment of both the idea of how important are symbiotic communication was and how much control she had in the inducement of pain at that moment.  I was thankful that in her skill, she was a Doctor.   As time passed, the pulses became less pronounced and more easy to digest, and when she finally turned off the electricity, I definitely could tell that these well placed needles were doing something good for me.

Next came the removal of bile and toxins from my blood.  It cost a bit extra to get this treatment, but when I had earlier explained to her why I was there and what I hoped to get from our session, she highly recommended the suction cup treatment that supposedly would suck the toxins from my blood.

She prepped two areas of my back, used a device that literally poked a little hole in my skin, and then placed the cups upon the tiny wound, and pumped the air out of the glass cup causing them to get sucked into place.  For about 5 minutes, she left the cups there and proceeded to flick both my ears with the same device, inducing bleeding. This time, she used her hands to press all of the toxins from my ears.

After the process was over, she removed the cups and showed me what was now in the cups. For drug rehab reviews check out the link. I was quite surprised to see that both cups, which were roughly the size of a shot glass, were nearly full with a clear substance that she’d extracted from me.  I was expecting to see blood, but to my recollection, the fluid was not even pink.

I paid her and left, and it was during my drive home that i noticed everything looked and felt different. Where before everything seemed kind of hazy, by the time I left, everything seemed vibrant ad alive, and for the moment I was quite content.

In conclusion, acupuncture is an extremely potent tool in the arsenal of recovery, but it is not in of in itself an effective way to stop using drugs.  It does cleanse the mind and body of toxins in a rapid way that would be very beneficial to anyone  who through the course of life has been barraged  with the toxins life in western society inherently brings.

In the second article of this discourse, I will be speaking of another tool in this fight against addiction all about rapid detox like that offered by Dr. Sponougle in Tampa Florida.  If you or someone you know is in need of affordable addiction treatment, please check out


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